DealShare’s User Journey Analysis

Sushmita Sahu
2 min readSep 29, 2021

Significant potential for improvement lies in the purchase and post-purchase experience of the DealShare app.

DealShare is a Jaipur-based social e-commerce platform in India that provides discounts on multi-category grocery items. This startup targets the customers in the Tier 2 and 3 cities who are ‘WhatApp’ first users.

Let’s look into the User Persona in focus for this analysis

User Journey Analysis


Following are the few solutions that can bridge the gaps of overall user experience of DealShare app:

  1. Language option on Login Page — Provide an option to choose the language when app opens for the first time
  2. Add quantity on My Bag page — Display quantity of each item added to the bag on My Bag page
  3. Update ‘Pending Orders’- Change ‘Pending Orders’ to ‘Orders to be Verified’ on My Order Page
  4. Estimated delivery time-Display estimated delivery time of order on My Order page once order is verified

These solution can be further prioritized and solved for. Apart from the above solutions, the existing bugs in the app can be looked into (e.g., not able to add items in bag, opening page keeps loading, app hangs frequently, etc.) on priority. Furthermore, the response time of the app can be improved by reducing it to 2–3 seconds for each action taken on the app.

If you have used this app, do share your experience and if you still use this app and why. :)

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