Airmeet’s Social Lounge is a Game Changer

Sushmita Sahu
4 min readSep 2, 2020

Let’s find out how the social lounge feature in Airmeet is different from other meeting and event hosting platforms.

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Airmeet is a Bengaluru-based startup founded by Mangal, Vinay Kumar Jasti, and Manoj Kumar Singh in 2019. Airmeet is an online meeting and event hosting platform and does not only provide the easy broadcast of the event but allows the participants / attendees to interact with each other (1 to 1 or 1 to many). It is a great platform for people to attend online conferences and is gaining popularity during the COVID-19 times.

Recently, I attended an event hosted on Airmeet and got a chance to explore the product as a speaker and as an attendee. One feature that caught my eye was the social lounge.

Social lounge provides various networking tables to allow the attendees and speakers of the event to connect with each other when the event is not live (pre-event, post-event and break time).

Offline Event vs. Airmeet Social Lounge (Left: Offline Event (Photo by Georgia Tech Professional Education), Right: Social Lounge of Airmeet (Photo by Capterra))

It simulates an offline conference or an event, where the participants and speakers interact during high tea breaks, lunch, pre-event, post-event, etc. Juxtaposing an offline event setting and Airmeet, the social lounge makes both of them almost similar and even increases the chances for the attendees to interact with the speakers.

Exploring Social Lounge

Social Lounge — Networking Tables

The social lounge does not have any limit on the number of tables and can accommodate up to 1 million users.

Configuring Social Lounge Settings

As a host, you can customize the title and the subtitle of the lounge and enable speed networking option.

When you opt for Speed Networking, it searches for the best match and connects you to the participant

Speed networking is similar to “speed dating” except it’s a professional networking space. It lets you connect with the participants of the event on 1:1 sessions. The host can set the time limit for each session and you can network with various people over the time. This feature facilitates introductions and conversation between the participants who don’t know each other.

Airmeet Social Lounge — Table Settings

The host can create unlimited tables, edit the table names, edit the seats per table and add an image to each table. It’s a plus point how the tables are assigned a default number making it easier for participants to identify the tables when no table names are defined.

Enhancement Opportunities — Social Lounge

Social lounge is a unique concept when compared to the widely used virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Webex, etc. This can be improved over time to accommodate certain use cases.

  1. Introduction of queues for speed networking: The concept of queue can be added when a participant opts for speed networking and is waiting for the match. The queue would ensure that each participant is matched with some or the other participant and the waiting time can be mentioned in case all the participants are already in a 1:1 session (this is possible when odd number of participants are present).
  • Example — There are 9 participants in total who have opted for speed networking. 8 of them got matched and are in the 1:1 sessions (4 sessions). The 9th participant would not get matched to anyone but can be added to a speed networking queue where the name of the next person to get available and the time left for the session to start are mentioned.

2. Bulk import of table names and images: The option for bulk imports of the table names and their images can be added to update them at one go instead of doing it for each table one by one. This would be the most helpful when there are more than 150 participants and the more than 10 tables have have to named.

I have not come across any other Indian platform for hosting events / meeting that has introduced a feature similar to Social Lounge. We can see lot of corporations and startups adopting to this unique concept and organising their events / conferences on this platform.

Airmeet has a free plan and allows 300 users as participants. Go try it now and you would be amazed! :)

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