A Deep Dive into Dunzo

Is Dunzo’s app game strong? Let’s find out! (8–10 mins. read)

Dunzo is a hyper-local app-based delivery service which was founded in the year 2014. Currently, it operates in major cities of India such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Jaipur.

Dunzo lets users ‘hire’ people, who in turn, run errands for them or carry out odd jobs on their behalf. (Source: The Economic Times)

What’s the objective of this teardown?

To explore, study and reverse engineer the thinking and experience underlying the Dunzo app. Considering a user journey, we will look at what are the app’s strengths and areas of improvements.

Use Case in Focus

A user ordering pet food using Dunzo

Product Teardown Approach

The app has been studied based on two perspectives:

  • User’s Perspective
  • Product Manager’s Perspective

Android OS has been used for the product teardown.


The recommendations and impact have been provided based on the assumption that significant amount of users are facing the respective problem.

The analysis is in the form of slides. I have identified the stuff working great for the app (in green), stuff that can be improved (in red), my recommendations and its impact (in blue). So, let’s get started! 😎

Dunzo’s Home Screen
Easy navigation options for focused users
The confusion around the 7 options can be reduced by adding a heading
Currently, there’s less focus on the search bar of the app
How Dunzo’s search bar can be made more visible — illustration added by me
Dunzo lacks the “documentation” required for a first time user
‘How it works?’ button can be added on Home Screen as illustrated
Focus on the COVID-19 safety guidancecan be increased
Great feature of adding products directly to the cart from the search results page
Usability of the navigating to a store page can be improved
No option present to filter the search results
Provision of search filter can come handy to the users to refine their results
User may miss our on info due to the switching animation of distance of the store and delivery time
Separating the delivery time and the distance of the store can be helpful for the user — as illustrated
Easy navigation options on the store page
Order confirmation page
Offer details not available on the order confirmation page
Tipping feature in Dunzo

Let me know your thoughts on the app and how often do you use it? 😊

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